Time for a quick one?

Flaklands-600x336Miranda is now passing the Falkland Islands, a group of islands found at the end of the world flying the British flag.

The thought of stopping and enjoying a real English pub is tempting but unfortunately the need to move east to avoid the vast high pressure zone languishing along the Uruguayan coast is somewhat more pressing. Miranda therefore resumes racing at the pace she so furiously set during her time in the Southern Ocean. Currently flying a gennaker, Miranda remains cautious, whilst keeping her storm sails ready in anticipation of a possible strengthening of the wind in a region which remains inhospitable.

With each mile made North the closer Campagne de France gets to the warmer latitudes. Within 48 hours, hats, fleeces and base layers will be stored, for the time being anyway!

A message from Miranda:

« A beautiful clear night full of stars, something I haven’t seen for a while. Quite light breeze, not too cold. Must not get lulled into a false sense of security. But it does make a pleasant change from the south.
I am about 25 miles east of the Falklands. I bet they have nice pubs here.
My nieces want to know if I’ve seen any penguins. Well, no, I haven’t. Are there penguins on the Falkland islands? »
Campagne de France


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