The last night at sea

Miranda-nuit-BD-copie-2This morning marks the last sunrise at sea for Miranda Merron and her IMOCA60 Campagne de France. The British-Norman sailor is about to complete her Vendée Globe, solo, non-stop, round-the-world, without assistance. Having now spent 101 days at sea, alone onboard her trusty vessel, she will put an end to the greatest feat of her long career which has ready seen her collect a huge number of miles and the experience that’s allowed her to complete her circumnavigation.

This evening she will become the 9th woman and 5th Englishwoman to compete the Everest of the Seas. A monumental feat championed by one of Miranda’s biggest inspirations, Tracy Edwards MBE, Skipper of the maxi catamaran, Royal Sun Alliance which Miranda, in the company of a certain Samantha Davies, had attempted the Trophy Jules Verne record.

“What you have achieved is absolutely spectacular. I know what you had to go through to accomplish this. You are the 9th woman to achieve this feat. We are all very proud of you…”

Less than 170 miles from the finish line at the first check-in in the morning, Miranda had a night of extreme caution, dodging the many cargo vessels and large fishing fleet traditionally found in the Bay of Biscay. She slowed down the high pace that had been hers all day yesterday and pushed back the time for rest. As with the 21 riders who came before her, Miranda will submit this evening to the demands of the tide which, after 8 pm, will prevent her from descending the Channel of Sables and reaching the arrival pontoon. If so, she will spend her last night on board with Halvard Mabire, the man who made this incredible story possible, and then reach the arrival pontoon tomorrow morning. We will know more at the midday rankings.

Word of the night:

“I am terrified and stressed about going through the same mishap as Boris (Herrmann) who crashed into a fishing boat. They are everywhere around me. I hope they’re on the radar. I am in any case. I’m only beginning to think about the arrival. I don’t really realize. The transition with the earth’s world will be brutal….

Miranda Last ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): Between 10pm and 1am. this evening.


Photo: Bertrand Duquenne

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