The Defi Atlantique – 4th place!



Campagne de France arrives 4th into La Rochelle!

After a fantastic performance the trio onboard Campagne de France lead by Miranda Merron and accompanied by Didier le Vourche and Stan Thuret arrived into La Rochelle this morning finishing just an hour and thirty-two minutes behind leg winner Earendil.

Crossing the finish line of the second leg at 04h12m2s (local time) Campagne de France covered a theoretical distance of 1,280 miles in 5 days, 13 hours, 12 minutes and 2 seconds at an average speed of 9.70 knots. When combining the two legs Campagne de France covered 3,800 theoretical miles in 16 days, 21 hours, 9 minutes and 47 seconds at an average speed of 8.68 knots.

Having finished 5th behind Enel Green Power in leg 1 the pressure was on Campagne de France to reverse those positions in the second leg. They managed to do that finishing 1 hour, 50 minutes and 12 second ahead of Enel Green Power thus securing 4th place overall!

“I really like this two-legged race format from the Caribbean back to France” said Miranda “Campagne de France behaved exceptionally well, she really is a fantastic boat and is a boat that I genuinely love very much! We have sailed well, always pushing to try and get back in touch with the leading trio, it took a lot but we’re collectively delighted with this fourth place!”

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