T-1 Day until the RORC 600

51984892_2349733428428283_8775314352682041344_oMiranda, Halvard and Campagne de France Ready For The 600

Tomorrow afternoon sees the start of the 11thedition of the RORC Caribbean 600. Miranda, Halvard, Didier and Remi will cross the start line at 16h00 (French) and as it’s name indicates, this classic Caribbean races offers its competitors a 600 mile sprint around 11 islands starting and finishing in Antigua.

Miranda and Halvard will know what to expect having secured second place in 2017 but with reigning champions Earendil competing alongside the likes of Luke Berry and Kito de Pavant this is sure to be a hugely competitive race!

The departure Monday at 15 pm on Facebook:

The Tracking:

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