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imageHaving now rounded Cape Horn Miranda has pointed her bows North and slowly begins her assent of the Atlantic. This morning just over 6,800 miles of ocean separates the IMOCA 60 Campagne de France and the comforts of Les Sables d’Olonne. Thus far Miranda has sailed a clean and safe race, one that speaks to Miranda’s character and huge experience she has of the world’s oceans.

This morning saw a moment of calm as Miranda was absorbed by the centre of a depression, like always Miranda saw this this as an opportunity to meticulously check over the boat, inspecting every element individually in order to ensure everything is in working order. The wind will return as quickly as it was taken away and Campagne de France will resume its march north, through a tricky and unpredictable South Atlantic. Navigating through these waters are not easy, as both Pip Hare and Manu Cousin have experienced. The latter is now only 300 miles ahead, proof if ever there was need for any that the race is certainly not over!

A word from Miranda: 

Just before dark, I finally found time to contemplate just what an amazing moment rounding Cape Horn was for me. After the squall line went through, there was sunshine and blue sky, albatrosses, lenticular clouds, and the incredibly delicious smell of damp earth. This is the first land I have seen in 69 days, and I was lucky enough to pass a few miles from Cape Horn, Deceit Island and some smaller islands, and then late afternoon, Tierra del Fuego and Staten Island. I really enjoyed the flat water. I have seen several ships, having last seen no other vessel at all since the way down the Atlantic, apart from Alexia briefly weeks ago in the Indian Ocean.
My presence here on Campagne de France is entirely thanks to Halvard for taking the gamble and believing that we could put this project together, and his very hard work over the past couple of years, and to our sponsors and technical partners for backing us. And all those who help out and support in one way or another. I am one very lucky girl. Thank you all for the lovely messages!
Right now, I have parked in the centre of the low. Not a breath of wind on the water. This is no doubt punishment for sailing in the lee of the mountains of Tierra del Fuego  yesterday without getting becalmed! At least the keel and rudders are clear of any weed.
Miranda/ Campagne de France

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