News from Miranda!

sunriseYesterday was spent trapped in the forecasted windless bubble. I think I’ve escaped its clutches now, but the evil grey cloud mass behind is not far away. Hours of going nowhere fast with the sails slatting violently in the swell. So much so that one of the mainsail batten fittings parted company with its car on the mast track. So I had to drop the mainsail, get it back in, which took a while, and then – my favourite pastime- grind the mainsail up again. The little breeze there was kept shifting every time I turned my back to do something else. Long day!

There are advantages to being becalmed though – good for wildlife viewing. A humpback whale surfaced right next to Campagne de France. Magnificent, if a little startling to have such a huge creature just metres away, but fine in light airs. There were also a lot of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish with their purple sails. Good markers to see tiny amounts of boat speed in no wind.

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