It no longer feels like just survival

imageSince her return to the Atlantic, Miranda Merron and her IMOCA60 Campagne de France have come back to life as they make good progress north, with the comfort of Les Sables d’Olonne and home moving ever closer. Miranda has rediscovered the skies, sunlight, the smells of a world known but forgotten for more than a month while crossing the great South.

The joy obtained from sailing never altered but perhaps came in bursts like never before. Miranda has been in exploration mode, discovering the journey in the most basic sense of the term, one that evokes stories of Cook or Drake. Now at one with her boat, she is very quick to react to an abnormal noise under the keel, a suspicious bubbling at the stern or the flapping of a badly furled sail. Days are no longer counted in hours, they are made of a continuity of small gestures or jobs repeated a thousand times, to the rhythm of the permanent alteration of the elements whose magic Miranda never tires of contemplating.

Campagne de France is thus reconnecting with warmer latitudes, spared for the time being by the virulent depressions emerging off the Argentinian shores. Miranda’s news today is the pace of the eastward progression of a high pressure center. Miranda expects to experience some slowdown starting tomorrow. Her pursuer Clément Giraud will take the opportunity to get closer, just as Miranda has also been able to significantly reduce the gap that separates her from the holder of the 21st place overall, Manuel Cousin, long pointed at more than 500 miles and who does not appears more, from the passage of the Horn, than 246 miles from Miranda.

A word from Miranda: 

« I am north of 50 S! It’s a completely different world from the one that the boat and I have been living in for the past few weeks. It no longer feels like just survival. Beautiful blue sky day yesterday, good for drying out the inside of the boat. This morning, however, it is raining lightly. There is quite a lot of kelp which wraps nicely around the front of the keel, so regular back-downs to clear it. »
Miranda / Campagne de France

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