Cape Verde ahead..!

We are trying not to have a repeat of Monday night’s « entertainment » when
the autopilot remote control, when asked to change 1 degree of wind angle,
simply disconnected the autopilot instead, resulting in a spectacular
crash gybe about two seconds later. Sails, keel, everything on the wrong
side, pinning the boat on her side. It took a little while to get under
control and upright again. Fortunately there was no damage. Naturally it
was dark – it wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise!
The remote control has been banished for antisocial behaviour, as has the
wind mode for the autopilot (dangerous snaking). That leaves compass mode,
which requires constant adjustment to match the very shifty wind and try to
keep the boat under the mast as it takes off down decent sized waves.
It is of course possible to hand steer the boat, but there’s nowhere really
to sit as it is set up for solo sailing, which relies on the autopilot.

Cape Verde Islands in a few hours.

We are enjoying following the performance of the Class40s. We always knew
that they are faster than older generation Imocas such as this one, but it
looks like some are faster than more recent ones too…

Miranda/ Campagne de France

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