Caipirinha tonight?

Miranda, Halvard and their IMOCA60 Campagne de France should cross the finish of the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre this evening putting an end to their 4,350-mile race that has so far taken 17 days.

A daytime arrival is naturally preferable as the duo look to enjoy a colourful finish set along the beaches and skyscrapers of Salvador de Bahia. That said the winds vary in strength and direction as the finish line approaches providing a level of uncertainty on there eta.

“We are going as fast as possible – would love to finish in daylight! There is still quite a way to go. It’s time to finish anyway, as we are about to run out of milk, cheese and chocolate.” said Miranda.

Sitting in 23rd, out of 29 IMOCA60s at the start, Campagne de France also occupies the middle of the table for those without foils (14 at the start). They’ve left six of the same generation IMOCAs in their wake alongside the new and highly impressive Class40s who are proving again they’re capable of running alongside their big brother the IMOCA60. Miranda and Halvard can be genuinely happy with the way they’ve raced and the way they’ve approached this racecourse. The goal was to finish and accumulate qualification miles for the Vendée Globe. Both goals are soon to be achieved.

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