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imageMiranda is taking full advantage of a particularly calm start to the South Atlantic, which allows for efficient progress to be made on the road North. Few manoeuvres have been made aboard the good ship ‘Campagne de France’ since having passed the Falkland Islands.

Miranda has been playing with the easterly movement of a centre of high pressure, still on port tack and in near perfect gliding conditions. The evacuation to the North East of this anticyclone which has blocked Manu Cousin (Groupe Settin) in the last 48 hours, will require Campagne de France to sail as close as possible to the North Westerly wind. The IMOCA60, branded in the colours of the Maitres Laitiers brand should thus gain steadily and surely throughout the weekend towards tropical latitudes, without major weather difficulties. This efficient navigation brought Miranda, as well as her fellow traveller Clément Giraud (La Compagnie du Lit-Jilti), within 200 miles of Manuel Cousin, who remains entangled in the high pressure. The difficulties of the South Atlantic are innumerable and continue to considerably hamper the 9 sailing ships still in the southern hemisphere and which precede Miranda. The laziness of the high pressure could favour at the start of the weekend, a regrouping of three boats off the coast of Uruguay. A nice story awaits…!

A word from onboard:
I’m getting used to my new Atlantic surroundings, close to the centre of this high, and so totally different from the world south. Clean hair, clean me, clean clothes. One layer less of thermal underwear. It’s warm during the day.  However, my « holiday » won’t last long as the wind is building, and there is spray starting to fly over the deck.There are one albatross and numerous small birds following the boat. Better than TV!
Miranda/ Campagne de France


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