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Light at the end of the Doldrums…

25 novembre 2020 Posted by miranda_2019a

Miranda-étai-600x528At 3 degrees North latitude, Miranda Merron and Campagne de France are beginning to see light at the end of the doldrums. The wind is slowly moving to the South South East, in the axis of the boat’s progression, and the heavy black clouds laden with thunderstorms are becoming ever rarer and recede to the stern of the boat.

Miranda can breathe and focus now on the South Atlantic. The Equator is still 170 miles away this morning, and Campagne de France could cross it within the next 24 hours. This will be the 8th time in her long career that Miranda has crossed this mythical line. The South Atlantic is first of all a long phase of trade winds, these winds from the South East will push the Campagne de France towards the coasts of Brazil. Following this Miranda will have to navigate the enormous Saint Helena high.

The small group of competitors that accompany Miranda to the Southern Hemisphere has, like her, suffered greatly from the abuse of the doldrums. Miranda is sailing this morning in the immediate vicinity and bringing another woman in the race closer, Alexia Barrier with whom she happily trades the places of 26 and 27. The Finn Ari Huusela, traveling companion last week, is 50 miles behind Campagne de France.

A word from Miranda:

« After getting nailed by numeours squalls with associated wind shift (involving 2 tacks per squall, and once I even had to gybe as the wind went full circle), it is possible that Campagne de France has escaped the clutches of the doldrums at last. About time too. We are already at 3 N. »
Miranda/ Campagne de France

What an uninviting place…

24 novembre 2020 Posted by miranda_2019a

Miranda Merron and Campagne de France have already been battling for 24 hours in the Intertropical Convergence Zone. The doldrums have become some what of a pot of glue for her and the small group of competitors who accompany her towards the rear of...

Campagne de France approaches the Doldrums

22 novembre 2020 Posted by miranda_2019a

[caption id="attachment_2610" align="alignleft" width="300"] Arrivée Les Sables d'Olonne - Miranda MERON / Campagne de France[/caption] Miranda and her IMOCA ‘Campagne de France’, still at the front of the small group of older-generation yach...

The Trade Winds South

20 novembre 2020 Posted by miranda_2019a

The north-easterly trade winds are doing well for Miranda Merron and Campagne de France who continue to make a rapid descent, downwind and in the heat, towards the Cape Verde Islands which they should pass during the day. On port tack, the IMOCA60 in...

A painful drift south

17 novembre 2020 Posted by miranda_2019a

While the leaders of this 9th edition of the Vendée Globe, enjoy good conditions and a continued push south Miranda Merron and Campagne de France are part of the small dozen sailors that remain imprisoned to the West of the Canaries by a vast high...