The Myth of Malham awaits

Campagne de France remains faithful to the RORC series!
After a winter competing in major Caribbean races organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club, Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France now have European racing at the forefront of their minds. Having recently placed fifth in the highly competitive eighth edition of the Normandy Channel Race Campagne de France is now making its way across the English Channel heading for Cowes to race in the RORC organised Myth of Malham.

The race around Eddystone Lighthouse is one of the most popular races in a Rolex Fastnet Race year, mirroring as it does, the start and first 130nm miles of the seasons main RORC event. The course once again takes in some of the most challenging and complicated tidal waters that Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France recently covered during the Normandy Channel Race. A course totaling 256nm sees crews leave Cowes on Saturday 27thMay.

Halvard said yesterday “We leave for England tomorrow (today)” “These RORC Races are a little too unknown in France. They are remarkably organised, highly competitive and provide a good opportunity to share stories after racing” This year Miranda and Halvard will race alongside Ronan de Kersauzon. “One of our priorities for the season is to win the RORC Championship, and the Myth of Malham is an important race for that and also as a practice start for the Fastnet. » commented Miranda. « For a Class40, a 250-mile race is a sprint and especially as we are three up, I doubt if we will really get any proper sleep. With water ballast we hardly ever have crew on the rail but with stacking permitted, short tacking is physically exhausting, as we move everything to the windward side of the boat. This is often done very enthusiastically, so I tend to wear a crash helmet when the kit is flying around. There is a very competitive fleet for the Myth of Malham, and we expect the result to be very close. »

A good result in the Myth of Malham will further cement Campagne de France at the head of the 2017 RORC Season’s Championship within the Class40 class having previously obtained a first place in the RORC Transatlantic and second in the RORC 600.

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