The 2017 Normandy Channel Race: Guernsey to port..!

3bb1a356-58d8-46c9-993e-83f16ff5b93fThe descent from Fastnet Rock to Lands End and the English Channel has been a stark contrast to the conditions faced by crews in the first few days of racing. Downwind sailing in 15-20knots of breeze and surfing with the big spinnaker has put a smile on the face of Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France! Miranda wrote this afternoon and said: “A glorious day of downwind surfing under beautiful blue skies. We are currently hunting Cap des Palmes (project on-going). As usual the ‘grib’ files are underestimating conditions – apparently we should have 12 knots of wind and we are currently experiencing 22 knots, usually when we have to gybe! It certainly makes it a little more exciting and/or hazardous. A swift rearrangement of Campagne de France’s interior is certainly required prior to each gybe in order to keep the mast pointing skywards! So far, so good..!”

With 133.3nm remaining Campagne de France is expected finish tomorrow morning in very close proximity to other competitors.  Campagne de France is currently in fifth position just 10 miles behind second place Serenis Consulting who are positioned to the North East. The next 50 miles will be crucial as teams leave Guernsey to port and try to find the fastest way through some very complicated and tidal waters! Miranda and Halvard’s local knowledge will surely come into play in the coming hours.

Rankings: 20h00 (French)
1st: Imerys
2nd: Serenis Consulting
3rd: V&B
4th: Evernex – Delicecook
5th: Campagne de France

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