End of Biscay

End of Biscay45524604_2189040417830919_6549087010500378624_n

After two and a half days of racing, 46 of the 123 sailors racing in the 2018 edition of the Route du Rhum found shelter in port. Those still racing are now in the midst of their third front, with its powerful westerly winds and disgruntled sea state.

Miranda and her Class40 Campagne de France were among those that chose to continue racing, to risk the conditions but perhaps reap the reward. This morning she was in 15th position in a fleet of 53 and 125 miles from the leader Yoann Richomme.

Miranda, whilst keeping a careful eye on her competition, sails carefully. She continues to bide her time whilst carefully nursing Campagne de France through every wave and every gust. Perhaps it’s time for another ‘cuppa’!


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