A Summer Holiday


A Summer Holiday:

For the first time in what seems like a while Miranda Merron and Halvard Mabire have granted themselves a few days off this summer! Since Campagne de France was launched Miranda and Halvard have raced and raced covering a little over 20,000 miles with many of those in punishing seas. Halvard, who not only sails her but also built and designed the vessel is certainly proud of the solid and reliable build. The hull is strong and fantastic when sailing close to the wind. He does however regret a certain lack of power when reaching and bearing. Both things that the duo are trying to correct with one eye on the 2018 Route du Rhum in which Miranda will compete in.

Second in the European Trophy:
The European Trophy was created in 2017 with the aim of rewarding boats for competing in Class 40 events excluding transatlantic races. Phil Sharp’s British-European team Imerys comprehensively dominated this first edition. The trophy takes in The Grand Prix Guyader, Normandy Channel Race, Armen Race, Les Sables-Horta and the Rolex Fastnet.

Halvard who is the Class40 President said this of The European Trophy “The European Trophy highlights the vitality and diversity on offer within the Class 40 race programme. While primarily designed for transoceanic racing, Class 40s also make for appealing boats for any offshore racing. With the ever-increasing level of competition in Class 40, it is important to reward performance. Congratulations to team Imerys on their victory!”

Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France finished a fantastic second and can also be proud of what they have achieved in the many RORC races they have entered. They currently sit in first place with only a few races left. We will find out if they have maintained first place in November beating off no less than 26 Class 40s for this prestigious title.

Our thoughts are with those in the Caribbean…
Words from Halvard:
“We are particularly affected by the hurricanes that have relentlessly battered a part of the world we love so very much. We have many friends in the Caribbean. Over the decades many races have driven us to these beautiful islands and strong ties have been forged. Again last winter during our Caribbean season we had the opportunity to meet people, build relationships and while Hurricane Irma has destroyed much of the infrastructure it cannot destroy friendships and the strength the Caribbean people hold so dear.

More generally the violence of this phenomenon is unfortunately only confirming what we have been feeling and seeing whilst at sea. Weather events are increasing in frequency and increasing in brutality. That is a certainty. Of course, global warming must have some involvement. An increase in ocean surface temperatures, even very low is now without its effects on thermal and condensing exchanges with air masses flowing over the seas. This certainly helps to amplify the troubles. That is a statement and is not up for debate.

Secondly, the debate on whether or not mankind can take any responsibility for global warming. This debate is on going and opinions are opposed but I know my thoughts. I remember as a child when my elders said “with their sputniks and their rockets, they are going to screw up this beautiful world.” The more I advance with age the more I would like to think that the earth is sending us signs to tell us that we must not continue as we are. We may have to deal with some things a little differently and have a little more respect for nature. Irma is not a fatality, but a natural phenomenon. A hard lesson that must be given with humility, as a warning and it is not something that is preventable through legislature or by officials. There is no doubt that recent events have and will continue to bring untold misery to those affected but perhaps it reminds us of the full force of nature and that we understand we as men and women are merely a guest on planet earth and that men of law are not much in front of the laws of nature and their gods. »

As always you’re able to follow Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France online and for shorter updates on Facebook.

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