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11 décembre 2016 Posted by miranda


RORC Transatlantic – A winning day..!

Miranda, Halvard and Campagne de France take the Class win in the 2016 RORC Transatlantic Race having crossed the finishing line at 14h37 UTC today after a difficult and sometimes frustrating 15 days at sea! Their first Transatlantic in their new Class40 and their first win will surely set the trio up for a good winter training session before returning to European waters!

Below are Miranda’s last updates as they approached Grenada;

Race Facts:
Distance Sailed: 3246nm
Finish Time: 11th December 14h37 UTC
Corrected Elapsed: 15 Days, 2 Hours, 37 Minutes and 53 seconds.
Average Speed: 8.95 knots

9th December:
It’s been a bit full on of late. We are taking it in turns helming the boat in quite a sea state. Big swell from the northeast, further swell from the southeast, plus 1.5 – 2 knots of current flowing from the North-northeast. None of which is overly helpful. Up to 30 knots of breeze at times, in cold sharp downdrafts, whereas the wind the rest of the time is warm and humid. At times, Campagne de France is at the top of a decent sized ski slope of a wave, accelerating fast down the face and there isn’t always an exit at the bottom of the hill. Spray everywhere, but rarely does it get the driver.

The sea got a little more organised before sunset, presumably just to lull us into a false sense of security as night falls! Numerous flying fish, mostly returned to the sea if they haven’t managed to flip-flap there way back to fly another day. Scales everywhere, which is just delightful.

10th December:
Cumulobeasties seem to be growing out of nowhere in the moonlight. The air is very unstable, wind speed between 18 – 30 knots, sometimes shifting right and putting the boat slightly across the waves. One of these waves has just rudely landed on the boat and straight on top of me. Luckily the water is warm. We have the equivalent of two thirds of a Fastnet Race left to go to the finish, 400 miles or so, which naturally we won’t be able to do in a straight line!

11th December:
It’s just past sunrise on what should be our last day of the RORC Transatlantic Race – 30 miles to the waypoint south of Grenada and a few miles more to the finish. The stunning night was only interrupted by one squall packing 40 knots, and one gybe that also included the usual rearrangement of the interior decor.

Yesterday we made the most of the watermaker, loads of fresh water heated in the sunshine – showers in the cockpit rather than at the back given the waves. Being clean was of course only short-lived. Salty all over again after an alteration with the spinnaker which had been reefed but the zip which holds all the cloth in unzipped itself, effectively turning itself into a masthead sail being flown from a fractional halyard, and therefore dangerously close to the water. If we are flying a reefed sail, it’s generally because conditions dictate it, and therefore retrieving the sail intact on deck can be slightly challenging. And wet!
The VHF has just crackled into life for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Reading the Sailing Instructions for the finish procedure is now allowed.

More to follow shortly.

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